Parking Strategies a Good Model for Government Policy


Parking Strategies a Good Model for Government Policy

You have to be careful talking about politics these days. Unless you’re sure the person sitting across from you shares all your views and opinions, you could be preaching to the choir or throwing water on the Gremlins. Nobody can deny that the political climate in our country right now is charged, heated, overexcited and occasionally rabid, but a recent article on has appealed to the intelligence, instead of the emotions, of its readers. And it just so happened to make an interesting analogy about the job market and parking industry practices.

The article compares a modern economy to a parking garage. In terms of the job market, fluctuation is inevitable and acceptable as long as overall numbers are consistent or growing. The author explains that trying to keep cars in the garage is known to be a waste of time – turnover is inevitable and desirable. Inspiring regular parkers to return and attracting new customers are the best way to ensure profitability. Making and keeping jobs in the United States is about making the country a productive and supportive place to do business – we’re talking perks and amenities that make the experience positive.

The economics of parking contain a big lesson for the Trump administration: A parking garage stays full, and an economy stays healthy, only if it’s constantly refreshed.

It will come as no surprise that the article is critical of the president elect, but it offers that criticism with sanity and uses a metaphor that many, in the industry and out, comprehend easily.

Our country is going to need all the help in can get in the year to come – there are no perfect people or perfect solutions to our challenges. It’s good to see a topic so familiar used to shed light on an important issue.

There’s also a very cool picture of a 1937 multi-level car storage tower in Chicago.

Read the article here.

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