Parking Technology Today, and Chip Payment Myths Part Deux


Parking Technology Today, and Chip Payment Myths Part Deux

Yesterday to stirred up quite a bit of comment, for this blog at least, with a myth versus reality note from Visa on the upcoming integration of chip technology in credit and debit cards that are accepted by parking operations.  It was a precursor to an article I’m preparing for the upcoming July issue of Parking Technology Today.  There are a number of more they address, but I will note the following here, as this specific question came up in rta’s comments below.

U.S. merchants that choose to upgrade their terminal to support EMV chip payment acceptance must install a PIN pad.

Small-ticket unattended merchants must support the processing of transactions without a Card Verification Method (C\!M)*. Unattended merchants are not required to support PIN acceptance. However, if the chip card is presented that supports PIN, and 1- the unattended terminal has a PIN pad, the transaction must be processed with a PIN, if requested.

What it means:

Nope –Assuming you elect to do anything at all,  you don’t have to install a pin pad.  However if the chip card is used that supports a pin, and if there is a pin pad present, then the transaction must be processed with a pin, if the terminal requests it.

Want to learn about the other three myths Visa shoots down, read Parking Technology Today, coming in July.  (Note:  That was a shameless plug.)



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