Parking Ticket Quiz


Parking Ticket Quiz

The San Diego Union reviewed nearly two and a half a million parking tickets issued in the Southern California city and found some interesting facts.
1. On what day of the week are the most citations issued? — Tuesday, followed closely by Wednesday
2. On what day, excluding Sunday, are the fewest issued? — Saturday
3. What is the most ticketed hour of the day? 11 AM to Noon
4. What car color is the most often ticketed? White (21%)
5. What are the top three violations? No Current Registration (482,000), Expired Meters (456,000) Violation of posted rule (431,000) — Posted time limits, loading zones, fire hydrants, red zones (no parking) etc.

Time to trade in the white Belchfire V12 and keep my driving down to later afternoon and weekends…

By the way, they also parsed the citations by location and since they won’t mean a lot to you, I won’t list them here. However it might be interesting to see if the locations where most tickets were written correlated with any particular enforcement officers…


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