Parking Virtualization


Parking Virtualization

I hear from my “vendor” sources that a major change is underway in the industry, particularly with larger parking opera ions. It’s called Virtualization.

In a nutshell it means that the software that runs parking systems won’t be running on a separate PC, but will be running on the server that runs the rest of the software in the city, airport, hospital, or development. Supposedly this makes for better redundancy, faster response time, and less hardware, thus some cost savings.

One manufacturer told me today that he has this concept running on five airports in the US.

We have heard of this before. Many software manufacturers (like Microsoft) would love to run their programs for you. Let’s say you want to buy MS Word. They would say forget using all your computer’s resources running word, let it run on our computer and we’ll charge you rent for the time you use it, or whatever. They are ensuring you pay for usage, and you don’t have to pay the upfront costs to buy Windows or Word for all the computers in your house.

Well, the idea is the same. The parking software would run on the customers computer, not on the one supplied by the software manufacturer. Talk to you IT department. They are pushing this and will be able to better explain it to you


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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