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Parking World Magazine

Those of you who follow the blog may have noted that I have spent some time in Australia over the past few months. There is a reason. We are launching a new magazine, Parking World, in Australasia (that’s Australia and New Zealand.).

Our PR says this:

Parking World is a magazine that focuses like a rifle shot on
the parking industry. Published five times a year, PW brings
information, education, and promotion to those in parking. Each issue
is full of information on all aspects of parking, on street, off
street, revenue control, design, construction, and operations.

The magazine is mailed free of charge to those with an interest in
parking. You can sign up quickly and easily on our web site. This is an
international publication, with a home in Australasia. We are working
closely with the Parking Association of Australia and the New Zealand
Parking Association to ensure that their events are covered and
promoted to the local parking interests.

Parking World has its roots in the largest circulation parking magazine
on the planet, Parking Today. The resources of Parking Today’s staff
are at PW’s disposal to provide depth and reporting from around the
globe. Locally edited, locally produced, but with intercontinental
backing, Parking World is THE media to reach parking professionals in
Australia and New Zealand.

PW is published in Melbourne, has an editorial office in
Adelaide, and receives information across the internet from
correspondents throughout the Pacific Rim.

Our first cover, which will be on the September issue, will look like this


We have a great editor in Adelaide, Jolyon Porter and an ad salesperson in Melbourne, Michelle Blake. They are working hard as we speak ensuring that our friends in Australia and New Zealand have the best parking magazine on the planet (well, after PT, that is).

If you are interested in   what’s happening, parking wise in the Pacific Rim, check out the web site,   Its working, just barely, but getting better by the day. Contact information, subscription, and some newsy bits are there. We’ll pretty it up soon. There’s even a blog, provided by editor Jolyon and parking news about the region.

I’ll keep you posted as the launch date draws near.


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