Parking at Ford


Parking at Ford

As has been reported here, a couple of the plant managers at Ford have taken it upon themselves to help the company’s sales by forcing non-Ford driving workers to park in a less convenient lot. This of course has caused some bitterness, although it is supported by the union…I think.

Well, anyhoo what do I think about this.

No one has ever succeeded in the long term to change loyalty by this kind of coercion. Any arguments? The workers at Ford that drive Fords (or other Ford products) may buy them out of loyalty, or because they think they are better, or because they get the Ford discount. But my guess is no one is going to buy a Ford simply because you are going to get a better parking space.

On the other hand — the managers may feel they are rewarding loyalty to the product by segregating parking and getting the loyalists in the warm factory sooner than those driving "other" branded vehicles.

All in all, I think Ford would be better off building its loyalty from within, and creating the best possible vehicle for the best possible price. Pride comes from a job well done, not from a good parking space.

Just my opinion.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. With the onset of plant closings around the country, Ford should be taking these steps to find out which employees really are loyal to the company. They arent telling their employees what to drive, they are rewarding loyalty, something all companies should do. And if the union supports it, well, the employees elect the union officials so they can take it up with the union.
    When it comes time to lay people off you’ll know who’s loyal to the company.

  2. My guess is that it will be seniority that tells who gets cut and who doesn’t — even if the plant wanted to reward someone for being a good worker, or driving a 150, the union would prevent it. I’m all for rewarding loyalty, I doubt, however, if what ones drives at Ford makes a whit of difference when plant closing time comes around

  3. In the end it is about the quality of the product being produced by Ford that will make a difference.
    It isn’t about what cars their employees drive or how many plants they close.
    Build a better mousetrap and people will buy it.
    It probably doesn’t have much to do with overseas labor either as a lot of the foreign auto manufacturers are building their vehicles in the USA with US workers.
    In my opinion this is about quality and price points.
    Quite similar to parking equipment and systems.
    When the employees who drive Fords are let go they will have the benefit of walking a shorter distance to their cars to leave the plant.

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