Parking at Purdue


Parking at Purdue

A senior at Purdue writes in to the local paper to complain about parking. Read it here. 

Here’s the deal — as the university has grown, close in parking has been used up for those pesky things you find around schools, classrooms. And guess what? the parking has been moved further and further off campus.

So the sheltered students complain that they have to walk "20 minutes" from their cars to school, and if they take a shuttle, free by the way, it also might take as much as "20 minutes." Can you believe it. 20 minutes to walk to class.

Now I’m not going to give the 30 miles through the snow speech, but I remember that my on campus residence hall (read that dorm) at UCLA was about a 20 minute walk from classrooms. We had to plan our days so we didn’t have to walk back to the dorms between classes. Big deal. When I lived in Fillmore, CA, I walked to school — it took about, dare I say it, shudder, 20 minutes.

Oh, yes, and that 20 minute walk away from campus costs the parkers about $9 a month. I wonder what the poor, downtrodden, over walked students would say if the parking organization at Purdue were to raise the cost to, what $1 a day and take the extra money to lay on more frequent shuttles.

Can you imagine the hue and cry then?


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