Parking at University of Kentucky


Parking at University of Kentucky

The student press at UK are exercised about parking on campus. Its a problem, not just in the Bluegrass State but everywhere students and teachers meet for the purpose of teaching and learning. Campus construction takes valuable parking spaces, and more students with cars make the situation even worse.

The locals don’t have a solution, but see making freshmen walk is a bad idea — read the piece here.

How are these for some ideas — Charge the students what it costs to build and maintain the parking facilities.  You know, let the cost of the product drive the amount you charge. My guess is that when folks have to pay $100 bucks a month to park at UK, alternate means of transportation will become very attractive.

Also, the money generated will help solve the logistical problems noted in renting more space from the private sector nearby. 

Note — I suggest no differentiation between teachers, students, and staff, although one might give a discount or preference to those with straight "a" grades…


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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