Parking Auditor Firebombed in LA


Parking Auditor Firebombed in LA

"We must be getting to somebody" 

That’s Clyde Wilson after his Parking Network offices were firebombed this morning in Los Angeles.

Clyde and his staff have been working for the City of Los Angeles auditing parking operators and then turning the results over to the city which then goes after back taxes and penalties. Clyde has been personally threatened before, but this is the first time any action has been taken.

"I was threatened by the owner of one small parking company in LA when we were auditing them last year. We are now working on the same company again."

The police and arson investigators are on the case. It appears that there may a video tape available of the area around the office door.

The Parking Network offices in LA are in a high rise on Wilshire Boulevard. The fire occurred while the office was vacant. One of the local employees had not yet arrived and the other had just left to go downstairs for coffee. I appears that the exterior door, wall and surrounding area were splashed with some flammable fluid and then ignited.

The fire alarms and fire suppression system in the building activated and the fire department was on the scene in minutes. There was no damage to the interior of the office.

Clyde’s last comment says it all — "Its incredible to believe that some company or person would take action that could have literally killed many people in that building."

My only hope is that it was a mistake and they were after someone else. However, it doesn’t seem that way.

More to come as the facts become known.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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