Parking Charges in Eire


Parking Charges in Eire

The Irish are now in the act. Seems that a group of concerned citizens want to get the local hospitals to give away parking. Read about it here. As I understand it, come very reasonable hospitals are charging about $2.5 an hour to park. WOW! the demons make Scrooge look like a piker.The poor people who are receiving 100% free medical care now need 100% free parking.

We need consistency — some hospitals charge, some don’t. The local group wants the hospitals to be consistent. I think they should be consistent, too. Let em all charge. If a doctor or administrator feels that someone shouldn’t pay, then let them validate the ticket and pay the fee themselves. I would love to see what would happen if the money for parking didn’t just "disappear" but suddenly came out of the surgery or oncology budget. I’ll bet that heads would roll and the policy would be rescinded.

If the Irish are charging for parking, it must mean that they have parking for which to charge. That seems to me to be a good thing.  Should people be required to pay for a service they use. After all, those people who have head colds and go in for an aspirin pay, don’t they..Whoops, I forgot.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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