Parking directions for Charlotte


Parking directions for Charlotte

The City of Charlotte is spending a bunch of money to install a parking guidance system.  So far so good. You know I’m in favor of such systems, having touted them on this blog before.  Read about the Charlotte System here.

Note that buried in the article is a comment that the city is going to need more parking, but not one space is added with the system. All they are doing is going to ask (require) the private operators in the city to pony up some money to help maintain the system, but they didn’t involve them in the process before.

Wanna stop milling around and people driving all over looking for parking — simple.

Raise the cost of on street parking and attract people to the existing off street spaces.  Not a problem. Of course it could possibly not cost anything and go a long way to solving Charlotte’s parking situation.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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