Parking is like Oxygen


Parking is like Oxygen

I knew it would come to this — Parking is rapidly becoming the most important thing in life, ranking right up there with water, oxygen, and the odd Big Mac.

A new store has opened in West Hollywood, California (Where else) and it is so popular that the neighbors are asking that the city council revoke its business license. That will never happen, the city wants the tax receipts.  However after the city received a list of complaints and gave the store — a place that sells yogurt, I think — ways to resolve the problems, one final comment was made:

Former city council member Steve Martin said in his public comments
that, “I don’t care what they’re doing all over the world, I care about
what they do here. Everyone knows that parking in West Hollywood is like oxygen, and Pinkberry is sucking all the oxygen out of the atmosphere.

Also, the LA times calls the place — "The taste that launched 1000 parking tickets." I’ve never eaten there, so I can’t say that it rivals Helen, however the locals seem to love it.

However, they need to deal with parking — as usual.  Will they solve it?  Who knows — My guess is that after the initial blush wears off, the problem will take care of itself. 

In the mean time, I guess the city of West Hollywood has two extra sources of income, Pinkberry AND additional prarking tickets.


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  1. As a parking enforcement officer I am having a real problem replacing our EHT 30. I tried the Casio IT 3000 which was a disaster when I tried to use it outside on a sunny day. I couldn’t read the screen. Color is nice if you work inside out of direct sunlight but is useless outside. My vendor told me to adjust the background to yellow with black fonts. I still couldn’t read it. I wound up sending it back to them which still leaves me with a replacement problem. I even sent Casio a request to modify the screens with a monochrome screen which I think would be an easy if not cheaper fix to the problem but I got no responce. I have been looking at Autocite’s handhelds and I am asking if anyone knows of any units that would function better.

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