Parking Rage


Parking Rage

It happened again — a man ran over a woman after an argument over a parking spot.

The woman’s boy friend was driving the car, and cut off the offending driver and took the spot. Later, the driver followed the pair after a shouting match and then hit the woman when she got out of the car. Broken leg and internal injuries.

He’s being held on $10,000 bond. Read the story here

Why do we care about this? Except for feeling sorry for the injured party, why is it any of our business. I think its because we are in the parking business. This is a situation where parking has become so dear that people are fighting over the a single parking space.

I know, this isn’t the first time. However, we usually hear about this at Christmas when shopping emotions are running high and parking is scarce, not at a 7/11 in Indiana.

I know, how about a PR campaign that lets people know a number of things. First, its healthy to walk a bit further if you take the first spot you find, rather than hovering for that closer space. Second, cutting off can lead to problems and confrontation. Lets face it, you feel safe in your car, but you have to get out sometime.  And third, would your mother be proud of you if you cut someone off for that space.

Maybe operators could start with some snazzy signs and posters with this theme.

It would make parking a better experience, now wouldn’t it. And it would be another step down our road to a better reputation for the industry that feeds our family.


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