Parking Tax on 4x4s in the UK


Parking Tax on 4x4s in the UK

Here’s the deal. A London Suburb is going to increase the parking fees on Range Rovers and other large (and expensive) vehicles. It will triple the annual parking charge from $200 to $600. Boy that will show them.  Read about it here.

Now let’s see if I have this straight — People like Mick Jagger of Rolling Stones Fame and lives in the area, who pay a million dollars for a one bedroom 600 square foot apartment, and $100,000 for their Range Rover, and eat at restaurants that charge $100 for a $15 bottle of wine are going to quickly run out and buy a Prius (5000 were sold in the UK last year) and sell the gas guzzler so they can save $33 a month on parking charges.  Give me a break.

If everyone had to pay more for parking, that would be fine. If the idea was that the Range Rover took more room than the Prius, so be it.  But I’m not completely sure that Ken Livingston, the London mayor, and the folks in the borough or Richmond who are trying to make the city more livable by getting cars out, isn’t also looking to increase revenue.

The money quote:

A council spokesman said the scheme will raise around one million pounds, but denied it was being proposed to generate revenue.

Oh well, you figure it out.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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