Parking’s Morality Problem


Parking’s Morality Problem

Mesa Arizona is getting tough on parking violators.  They have hired full time parking officers. Read about it here.

The Arizona city near Phoenix has acknowledged that simply passing a law designating parking fines doesn’t do the deal. The law has to be enforced.  See parking has a morality problem. People don’t think its immoral to steal parking.

For Instance — lets assume its 11 pm and you need a quart of milk — You go to the local 7-11 or Circle K and the attendant is in the back. The milk costs $1.75. Now unless you are some sort of moral deviate you will do one of three things. 1. Wait for the attendant  2.  Put the milk back and go somewhere else  3.  Put the money on the counter.  You would never steal the milk.

However consider another scenario. Its 11PM. You are leaving a parking garage. The gate is up, the attendant is not there. You owe $1.75. What would you do? If you are like most folks, a prticularly those who live withing 50 miles of an ocean or major lake, you would, without hesitation, step on the gas and leave. You would even feel good that you got your parking for free. After all, it doesn’t cost anything to build, staff, secure, light, clean the garage. The land on which you parked cost nothing. The fact that there is a charge is probably the reason why there is a space to park at all.

Anyway, most people think that parking is a right, like freedom of speech. There is an amendment somewhere in the Constitution that sets out free parking for everyone. (Come on, I’m kidding, don’t try to look it up.)

Mesa has the right idea. Enforce parking. Make it available for everyone.


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