Pay and Display and Parkers in VA Beach


Pay and Display and Parkers in VA Beach

Parkers in Virginia Beach are reacting to Pay by Bay machines that have been installed.  Seems 44 have been ticketed for not paying. However the city began the program by installing the machines but neglecting to install the signs telling parkers that they had to pay. The story is here,

The Reino devices were supplied by Patrick Ryan and his crew at Reino Enforcement Technology. I have no problem with my friend Patrick. In fact, he has probably done more single handedly to get Pay by Bay (that’s Aussie for Pay by Space) and Pay and Display accepted in the US Market.

He has run a one person marketing effort, speaking, pleading, and otherwise spreading the word about this technology and approach to the market. Plus he’s a really nice guy.

I am certain that he told the city of Virginia Beach not to start issuing tickets until the signage was in place. However, and overly agressive enforcement officer did him in.

In this case, it will take months, if not years, to undo the bad PR for the new devices. Thankfully the city is not backing down. They will void the tickets, but keep the new technology in place.

All the rest of you out there learn your lesson from this one?


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