Paylock and Symbol in Hoboken


Paylock and Symbol in Hoboken

The home of Sinatra is now going high tech in its parking permit program. Hoboken has contracted with Paylock and Symbol Technologies to provide its permits and solve its counterfeit permit problems.

The systems work like this:

The RFID tags, which are embedded in the parking permits, contain an
identification number that is stored in a permit database. This
database holds the information on the vehicle and the type of permit
issued, defining where a vehicle can legally park. Valid tags and
associated information are synchronized to the Symbol mobile computers
daily, allowing parking officers to validate if a car is permitted to
park in a particular location at a particular time. PayLock’s RFID
Permit Management software also allows the city of Hoboken to greatly
reduce the cost and effort associated with issuing new permits every
year — permit holders are now able to renew online through a 24/7 call
center and have their existing permit extended immediately.

I had a demonstration of the product at the IPI show in Vegas last month and its impressive.  Read all about it here. 

My correspondents tell me that counterfeit permits, particularly with new digital copy technology, are a big problem.  These RFID permits solve the problem plus offer great benefits in administration and re-issuance of permits.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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