As I sit here there is a stack of CD’s on my desk. They contain the sum total of what happened at conference associated with the PIE show last week.

This year we connected PIE in Chicago with PIE II in Los Angeles. On Wednesday, about 100 people gathered in the conference center at USC and held forth in things parking. Three of the seminars from LA were show in chicago, two live in real time and one recorded. In addition, three seminars from Chicago were showed to LA in real time.  Isn’t technology wonderful. The fact is that before the ‘net, this would not have been financially possible.  Now its easy.  We learned a lot, and will do even better in years to come.

All those, plus Boot Camp and Dennis Cunning’s presentation on revenue control will be available through PT’s web site in a few days. In addition, all powerpoint presentations used at PIE will be available.  PIE attendees will be able to get them for free, others will have to pay a few sheckles to add to our obscene profits.

Keep an eye on the site and follow the structions.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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