Permits a “last resort” in the resort home of Mickey and Donald


Permits a “last resort” in the resort home of Mickey and Donald

They can’t figure out how to keep all those pesky people who come to see the Angels and Ducks, and visit Mickey and Donald, and spend hundreds of millions of dollars in the city, out of the local neighborhoods. Those villains, those miscreants (see post below)!!!

So the city council, in its infinite wisdom, is telling locals that as their last resort, they can impose parking permit zones on themselves. Brother. One of the rules of the zones is that the apartment owners must be certain that all cars in their garages are in working order. And who is going to be the "broken car" police. And who is to say that a car that is dusty and dirty simply has an owner that doesn’t look after the vehicle. Oh, this is a mess.

Once again, why not solve the problem this way. Set up the district, give each resident one permit and have them pay for a second one. Not a huge amount, but enough so they think about it, maybe $20-40 a month. Then charge visitors to park on the streets (after 5 and in weekends, to start). Most people would pay the Angels, Ducks, or Mickey the $10 or $15 bucks to park in their facilities rather than pay the city $20 and/or risk a ticket. The money generated could go back into the neighborhoods. Those people with broken cars would either fix or sell them rather than pay for on street parking, and all would be right with the world.

Of course every politician in sight will have problems with this plan. After all they are all about being elected, not solving problems.


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  1. Why not relocated all employees to an off-site location and shuttle them in from there?
    I know that Disney does this in a limited fashion but if the Angels, Ducks, et al were to do this as well. It would open up more parking closer in thus reducing time in line to get into the garages/lots. Some people probably park in the neighbor hood not to avoid the fees but to avoid the traffic hassle.

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