Photo Book Celebrates/Mocks Parking Garage Decorations


Photo Book Celebrates/Mocks Parking Garage Decorations

If you’ve ever doubted the cultural significance of parking, consider a just-published coffee table book by Andy Spade. According to the Wall Street Journal:

A few days ago, just under the wire for the holiday season, Mr. Spade released “Parking Garage Christmas Decorations,” a collection of images he’s taken over the last three years of, yes, Christmas decorations in parking garages.

Mr. Spade has published a long list of photo books on miscellaneous subjects including air conditioner graffiti and sky writing. The latest focuses entirely on the holiday decorations put up in parking structures. Spade says:

“When it comes to decorating for the holidays, garage owners and attendants are “amateurs, they’re no Martha Stewart ,” said Mr. Spade. But the point is, “You find these little corners of beauty in the strangest places,” he explained. “It is about making something out of nothing. I just got fascinated by the idea of fancying up these boxes of concrete steel.”

I wish I had Mr. Spade’s creativity ( and his rich wife, Kate Spade) so I could put together an ironic and high-priced book of photography. Setting aside my enviousness, I can appreciate his approach and love that he saw something in parking that inspired him.

This is my last Christmas-themed blog – until next year. When I return to blogging next week, I’ll be 5 pounds heavier and very ready to talk about things outside the holiday box. Until then, best wishes to you and yours from me and everyone else at Parking Today.

To read the rest of the article, click here.

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