PIE 2017 Our “Last Day” is the BEST!!!


PIE 2017 Our “Last Day” is the BEST!!!

The “last day” at trade shows is always terrible. Most people have gone, the exhibitors are standing around talking to each other, some have actually closed their booths and left. The “Last Day” is horrible.

We have tried to give the “Last Day” at PIE 21017 reasons to stay. The exhibit hall is closed, but some of the best seminars are being held. The “Last Day” is an opportunity to hear speakers that make a difference in your business lives. to wit:

  • Social Media and Parking — Kathleen Laney and Bob Harkins talk about social media and how it has changed how we do business and react to many situations.
  • Enforcement and Permit Districts — Julie Dixon always delivers and this seminar will tell you what you need to know.
  • The Golden Age of Parking –– Welcome to the IoT. Sergio Mastronardi or gtechna and Philip Savior , Technology Officer of the Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh. Who better to talk about the “Internet of Things.”
  • On Street Technology — Julie Dixon and Patrick Smith talk about what they know best.
  • Searching for Employees — Colleen Niese, CEO of Women in Parking, covers ways to hire the right person, particularly in this world of high tech and the IoT.
  • Clyde Wilson talks about Revenue Control Technology — This consultant and former operator has forgotten more about technology than most of us know.
  • Parking Apps and Connected Cars — Alex Israel and Eugene Tsyrklevich hold for on just what we will be using in 1, 2, or is it 5 years.
  • Do I have to be a Computer Expert or Hire one? — Tom Wunk calls on decades of experience working with technology to answer this question.
  • Parking Management Opens Wider Opportunities — Paul Barter finishes his Keynote address, started Monday, discussing parking in the light of other parking goals in a city, university, or organization.

Nine great reasons not to leave PIE Tuesday evening. Just because these speakers are on the last day doesn’t meant they aren’t headliners. Dixon, Harkins, Mastronardi, Tsyrklevich, Laney, Niese, Wilson, Israel, Wunk, and Barter. These names begin to define our industry. Don’t miss them

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