Plan Your Vacation Around Parking…Worldwide


Plan Your Vacation Around Parking…Worldwide

          I have been musing about holidays, It getting on to that time of year. How about you? Are youwondering
what to plan for that vacation this year? Why not combine business with
pleasure and attend one of the ten major parking events being held in
some of
the most exotic and romantic locations around the world. Want to stay local?  How about Quebec City, Washington DC or Denver. Prefer Europe
Breda, in the Netherlands, or Vienna in the fall.

            Have a
taste for the more exotic, set your sight on Istanbul, the Philippines, Sao
Paulo or Abu Dhabi. The parking industry is out there, inviting you to visit.

            The IPI
begins the tour this year with their annual convention and expo this May in
Denver. The largest event of its type in North America, it promises to have 200
exhibitors and over 80 informational and training events.  This is the granddaddy of all parking shows.
Miss it at your peril.

            May is
the month for Intertraffic. In this case the Dutch based organization is
holding its traffic and parking event in Istanbul.  The Rai, the organizers, is one of the oldest
companies holding such events. Istanbul is one of their newest, but held in the
17th largest economy in the world and promises surprises that only
the exotic middle east can provide.

Canadians travel to Breda, The Netherlands in June to hold their biennial World
Parking Symposium at Breda University. Scholars and consultants from across the
globe make presentations, hold seminars, and discuss parking past, present and
future. This is for people for whom theory is extremely important. Parking
issues we will face in the next decade will be discussed here.

European Parking Association Congress in Vienna in September brings parking
organizations from across the continent together to broach common problems and
issues. The 22 countries that make up the EPA have mature parking issues (UK,
France, Germany) and emerging ones (Slovenia, Cyprus, Croatia). This is a
wonderful mix of parking cultures. Well worth the visit to one of Europe’s most
beautiful cities.

            Want a
bit of European Culture and North America, too. How about a
piece of France in Canada – Attend the Canadian Parking Association Conference
in Quebec City, Quebec this October. Dust off your French dictionary and join
one of the most active parking associations anywhere for a four day learning
and sharing event. Golf, food, great receptions, a world class exhibit hall,
and good training; what more can a parking traveler want.

            Celebrate parking the American Way with the
National Parking Association in October in the national capitol. The NPA bills
this event as a place to do business. These are people in the business of
parking and know how network, buy, sell, and talk parking. See a museum, get
some history, and join the NPA in Washington DC.

ends with a trip to Panay City, just up the road from Manila in the
Philippines. The exhibition company exlink is bringing speakers from all across
the world to this first of its kind event. Doing business in the Pacific Rim?
This is the place to meet customers. Want to see what is happening in the
emerging third world. Come to the Philippines. Parking is hopping here.

second edition of the Middle East Parking Symposium is being held in Abu Dhabi
in November. This is a small but important venue where the Middle East meets
West. Sheiks in flowing robes sit on sofas and hear Brits and Americans tell
about parking issue. And they have them. These fast growing countries like
Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Doha, and others neglected their parking
planning when building their huge buildings. Now its catch up time. Plus you
can visit the most expensive hotel on earth in Dubai (an hour up the road) or
the famous gold and spice markets.

parking year ends in Sao Paulo. This huge city in the heart of the most vibrant
economy in the Western Hemisphere is host of Transpoquip 2009. It’s a trade
event about parking and transportation. But this year its different. There is
another event being held at the same time and the same place – Estadio.
Stadiums. Brazil is hosting the world cup in 2014 and bidding strongly for the
Olympics. They need infrastructure, stadiums, practice fields, and each one
need parking. If you build it, run it, or design it, Sao Paulo is your
destination for mid November 2009.

            To see,
dates and hot links to all these events, log on to Parking Today's Calendar.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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