Pop Up Ads — Do they Work?


Pop Up Ads — Do they Work?

I have no clue. But I will tell you one thing, they have trained me to close them immediately without even looking at them. Often they have moved the “close” little “X” that is usually in the upper right hand corner. Now it could be anywhere.  And even disguised as a “No” or “Not now” or ‘check with me later”.

Ad agencies have to become more cleaver. Remember “Burma Shave” signs along side the road (of course you don’t).  You actually looked forward to them. They told a little story, kinda like a tweet.  OMG did I really say that.

You message needs to be attractive enough to get your attention. Remember the dark ad with the Buick SUV driving through the streets of New Orleans. There was no question is was about Dracula and blood and murder. When the car stopped and the window rolled down, Tiger Woods said “Who were you expecting.”  Well OK, that was back when Tiger could putt.

You got a good view of a sexy car, but the message grabbed you and held you.

Delta and Virgin have great safety videos.  They are smart, funny and keep your attention.  You look forward to them instead of tuning them out.

Pop up ads simply distract. And tend to make you mad. Get with it internet people. You have a good thing going here, don’t ruin it.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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