Pork for a Garage in Nebraska


Pork for a Garage in Nebraska

Government Pork is being used to build a garage for a museum in Omaha.  Of course the locals think the use of the federal money is appropriate.  The Citizens against Government Waste thinks otherwise and has listed the project in their "Congressional Pig Book". 

What do I think — I’m sure you know.  If the project is reasonable and folks willing to pay to park, then it should be built.  However it should be self supporting, meaning that the money generated should pay for the project. "Outside" money, state, local, or federal should not be used to subsidize parking. 

If the museum is generating a lot of traffic, people will be more than willing to pay another few bucks to park their car and pay for the garage.  If the museum wants to subsidize parking, then fine, let them raise the entry fees. That’s unfair, of course, to all who come by other methods of transportation, but I really can’t see how its reasonable for me here in California to help pay for a garage at a museum in Omaha.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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