Pot Holes in HS Parking Lot


Pot Holes in HS Parking Lot

Christina High in Delaware has a problem. They seem to have a bunch of holes in their parking lot, some, according to the article, that rival the San Andreas Fault — And they need fixing — read about it here.

OK — There’s not a lot of detail in the article but here’s what I think:  I’ll bet the kids park for free, or for a minimal permit cost.  That being the case, there is no money for maintenance.

High School is a good time for kids to learn that nothing is free, and you might as well start with parking. If the lot holds say 400 cars and they charged $10 a month to park, they would generate around 40 grand a year to use for maintenance and the like.

And maybe a few of the little darlings would opt to save the 10 bucks and walk — or carpool — as for the teachers, they, too, should pay.  Same reason.  If you can afford to buy and run a car, you can afford to park it.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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