Predictions for 2011


Predictions for 2011

As Editor, and know it all, one of my tasks this time of year is to predict what is going to happen in the industry in the upcoming 12 months. The LA Times predicted all sorts of wonders for California and the US, and if they can do it so can I. There is only one rule, you can’t look back to last year and see how I did. That’s cheating.

  1. The Brouhaha over software licensing will prove to be a tempest in a teapot and will go the way of the dodo before year’s end.
  2. Many consumers of parking equipment and services have been “holding off” but tell me that they will be loosening the purse strings in 2011. That means good stuff for suppliers
  3. We think that all garages are Pay on Foot but in fact, many, even the majority are pay on exit. Owners will be looking for ways to improve their bottom line by eliminating employees. More and more smaller locations will be converted to pay on foot.
  4. Garage owners will begin to take closer looks at their facilities and pricing. Prices in many off street locations will go down, but the total revenue will increase.
  5. More and more cities will consider leasing and selling the parking operations, vis a vis Chicago. Some will, but most will take hybrid style approaches where the municipality retains control over parking policy.
  6. One of the major parking organizations (those in the US, Oceana, Canada, and Europe) will change their CEO (Paid full time manager).
  7. Three major parking equipment suppliers, one from Europe and two from Asia, who currently don’t sell equipment in America, will begin actively selling in the US. This will have a downward effect on pricing.
  8. At least two of the 10 largest parking operators in the US will begin merger talks in 2011.
  9. “Central control” of parking operations, that is having central systems that run multiple locations, will be the mantra at the IPI in Pittsburgh, which will have its smallest attendance in years.
  10. The NPA in Las Vegas will be one of its most successful events.
  11. On street payment by credit/debit cards will grow exponentially in 2011. This is not only single space meters, but P and D, P by S, Cell Phone, and the like.
  12. “Green” will overwhelm the industry, with suppliers falling all over themselves to provide “sustainable” equipment.
  13. By the end of 2011, many garages will realize that the installation of free vehicle charging stations is not appropriate and most will be either unused or will be pay as you go.
  14. Lighting will continue to be replaced in garages as LED lighting technology matures and owners realize the money that can be saved with it.
  15. Parking Guidance systems will continue to be installed, particularly in shopping centers and airports. This includes floor counter displays as well as directional signage.
  16. More and more facilities will go to credit card only, if you don’t use a credit card, you can’t park here. This will save money and cut down on revenue losses.
  17. Don Shoup will start talking about enforcement rather than free market pricing. He will continue to stress his ideas of creating a warmer parking environment by lowering or removing the cost of the first violation, and raising the cost on scofflaws.
  18. By year’s end over 1000 people will be “friends” on PT’s Facebook Page – (there are 249 today. We started our page ).
  19. 50% of the above predictions will be wrong, but we will never know because no one will look back next year to check.
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John Van Horn

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  1. I just hope that no Parking owner will resist motorcycles from parking into their garage.Up until now I still can’t see nor understand whatever their reasons.

  2. Adversity toughens him as well as wounding him.I’m a strong believer in strong personalities and strong opinions

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