Pregnancy and Parking


Pregnancy and Parking

I have been trying to write about this for a couple of days, but I’m not sure which side of the issue I can stake out. It has to do with parking and pregnancy.

The State of California is discussing allowing third trimester women to get “handicapped” tags and allowing them to parking in handicapped spaces. Naturally all hell as broken lose because women don’t want pregnancy to be considered a “handicap” however it is true, at least in my circle, that VERY pregnant women do have a bit of a problem getting around.

Some of those discussing the issue said that pregnant women should park further away since they need the exercise. Boy, I bet they slept on the couch after that little tidbit.

I think, after careful consideration, that this should be a decision left up to each individual store, merchant, and parking facility owner. If they want, then can put up a couple of “pregnant” only signs ( you know, nice little pink and blue ones with storks and babies on them.) I have seen them in front of some K-Marts and Wal Marts. I dare someone who isn’t pregnant to park in the space when a full term mom shows up with her two year old. This will be self policing.

And it’s good merchandising. Everyone will get a nice smile at the signs, and “almost a moms” will get a little relief.

They tried to do this four years ago in California and the brouhaha was so great that the bill died a quiet death. I’ll bet that it happens again.

Yeah, this is the best approach. Keep the government out of it.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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