Pregnant? Park Here


Pregnant? Park Here

I’ve seen this before.  Lets give handicapped style parking to pregnant women. Well why not? Read about it here. I think women who are pregnant should be on the top of everyone’s list. They are carrying our future, our legacy. They deserve our honor, our respect, and yes, even a parking space a bit closer to the door.

Should it be a law — nope, nada, never.  I think we should do it out of courtesy, like giving a pregnant woman your seat on the bus. We do it to honor them, to respect them, not because they can’t survive without it.

I note in the article some shopping centers and stores are volunteering spaces for those "with child." That’s great. But keep the government out of it.

Where will it end if those nincompoops in state capitals or DC get a hold of the issue.  Why not a woman with a baby in a stroller. Technically, she may have a bigger problem that a gal in her second trimester. What about someone who is severely overweight? or someone who has a lot of packages to return?  It could really get blurry when there aren’t enough handicapped spaces and a valid handicapped person parking in a spot reserved for a mother to be.

Make it voluntary, make it what it is, a honor for someone who should be honored. Have we simply lost our ability to be courteous?

I understand the problem, where do you stop? We could have have the spots in a garage reserved for someone (aged, infirm, veterans, pregnant women, the rest).  However, this is just my opinion — I think that to have a little courtesy and respect for those carrying our future in their tummy’s isn’t over the top, its just common sense.


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