Premature Electrification


Premature Electrification

Let’s face it – the Dodge Ram commercial for a truck that doesn’t exist was the funniest of all the multimillion dollar ads aired during the ‘big game’. For those of you who didn’t see it, I suggest you Google it and take a look. Stellantis, parent company of Chrysler, is known for its ‘off the wall’ presentations at the Super Bowl, having shown a 60 second spot last year about “the little blue pill.”

From CNBC:

The commercial, called “Premature Electrification,” or “PE,” spoofs ads for male sex-enhancement drugs. It features electric vehicle owners discussing problems they’ve had with their trucks – from insufficient range and power to problems charging and other potential issues associated with EVs.

“Are you excited about buying an electric vehicle but worry that it could leave you … unsatisfied?” says the ad’s star and narrator Jason Jones, a comedian best known for his work on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and for appearing in comedic Budweiser and Molson ads. “Then you could be one of many Americans concerned about premature electrification.”

The idea being that if you are interested in an electric truck, get on the waiting list for the upcoming Ram truck coming out next year.

Personally, I found the majority of the ads on the Super Bowl boring or downright insulting to my intelligence, such as it is. The commercials that stood out, in addition to the Ram Truck commercial, were Morgan Stanley’s with the babies, and “He Gets Us” ads featuring Jesus.

I figure that if you can’t remember the ad, or more importantly can’t remember who the ad was  for, it wasted a ton of money. And I’m suggesting that’s exactly what most of those we saw on the Super Bowl did. But then I’m not a member of their core demographic.


PS: At least we know Rihanna isn’t afraid of heights, and yes, she did silently introduce a new star in her life. She is pregnant.

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