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Pretty Fancy

My buddy Paul Waspi at Parking Spot Central in Chicago has a great system for ensuring his cashiers are treating "The Spots" customers well.  Every booth in every location they have is wired for sight and sound.

He can go on line from his desk and monitor any cashier booth anywhere iin their system be it  LA, Houston, Dallas, Orlando, Kansas City, St. Louis or Atlanta. He just clicked on an icon and there it was, clear as a bell.

I asked if the cashiers knew they were being watched and he said yes. In fact, he added, most of the time we call them and tell them they did a great job with a problem customer we may have noticed. It can be a positive as well as a negative.

Wow — absolutely fantastic technology


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John Van Horn

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  1. Is this legal is some states? Seems to be a bit like illegal wiretapping. Not so much for the employees but listening without notice to parking patrons.
    I sure they have checked. But these days you can get sued for anything.

  2. I think when you go into a private business you give up your privacy. Its like when you go into a convenience store — you are on camera and are monitored, in many cases, voices, too. You can simply choose not to go there if you like. This is not the case with telephones, unless you are a member of the mob or al queda. Yes, you can be sued for anything. That’s what makes our country great and our lawyers rich

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