Property stolen in NH


Property stolen in NH

Well, not stolen, but certainly the owner of a 7 unit apartment building isn’t allowed to turn it into condos. Why — Not enough parking. Well, you might say — but there was enough parking there when it was apartments, why not now.  It seems that the place has only a seasonal occupancy permit, while the condos would be, shudder, occupied year round. Read about it here.

The neighbors are up in arms and in fact persuaded the planning board in Hampton NH rejected the idea and that was that.

Now, the place is obviously congested, Like all the beach areas in these resort type towns. Not enough parking, cars everywhere. what to do.

Why not the obvious answer. Charge for parking on the streets, set up a permit program. Use the money for some nice sidewalks, clean up and the like. I wonder if there are parking areas near by that people could use? Or could there be?  If someone was buying a condo, why not let them decide where they are going to park their cars? If you charge for parking and set the rates right, it would be extremely fair to all concerned.

An entrepreneur could simply set up a beach parking lot two miles away, and run a shuttle during the summer….everyone pays 20 bucks to park. I’ll bet it would work.

And there might be more conversions in the area, increase in property values. 

Instead you got this attitude:

I see two legal parking spaces for seven units," Vice-Chairman Tom Gillick said. "This is outrageous, to me. Let’s vote no and have them take us to court … let’s show some guts

And they did — the winners — lawyers. The losers — everyone else.

I wonder where Gillick lives?


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