PT Publisher Sexist Pig


PT Publisher Sexist Pig

Now I’ve heard it all. I was accused last night of being a sexist pig because of where the badges we provide attendees at PIE end up when they hang around a woman’s neck. The accuser ran me down at a reception and told me that I, and by inference, all men who run trade shows were sexist because we provide these badges with just the right amount of string so they are strategically placed on a woman’s physique so when a male wants to find out their name, they stare directly at that part of a woman that they apparently want men not to notice.

I was attempting to come up with an alternative but was foiled in every direction. The lapel or collar is not good since you are still in the general area of concern. A waist band attachment brings attention to one’s “nether regions”. What to do , what to do.

My accuser had no solution, but simply continued on about the problem.

I thought it was interesting that this very person, who shall remain nameless, had no problem when demonstrating how one man had reached over to pick up her badge and massaged her chest by grabbing my badge and feeling all parts of me above my waist. This caused quite a stir amongst the people at the reception. I guess what’s sauce for the goose, is also sause for the gander.

I’m going to take the matter under advisement but frankly I think that the entire conversation may have been due to the fact that my assailant had had two hours sleep the night before and was drinking her third glass of wine.

Let me get this straight. Women spend fortunes on attractive (and often revealilng) clothes, they endure the pain of plastic surgery, they spend billions on perfumes and cosmetics, all to make themselves more attractive. However at the same time, they DON’T want you to look at any part of their anatomy other than their eyes.


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John Van Horn

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  1. You’ve got to be kidding me. Maybe she thinks you should put the badges on headbands to display on our foreheads?

  2. Is that why she had her tag on her belt buckle, dangling much “lower” than the neck…!

  3. This case could create an opportunity for having a competition for alternatives to conventional badges. The chosen winner would then be getting royalties from all future uses across the world.
    After much soul searching, my suggestions are:
    Hand bag accessory sponsored tag with possible options of finishes and scents .
    Wristband option(wristag)
    For the parking techies, we could have the Pay & Display electronic badge, this would be like an electronic tag request via bluetooth to the user’s PDA. Upon confirmation of payment all the relevant details would be transmitted to the purchaser instantly.
    Note to JVH. As I am feeling generous, if any of the above ideas are followed, we can share the royalties 50 / 50.

  4. Just give them a choice of badge size. This way if they want to stop from thinking we are looking at what is dehind the badge – they can choose a size large enough to cover anything they want hidden.

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