PT April – You can read it on line.


PT April – You can read it on line.

That means that tomorrow, or Friday at the latest, it will be available in PDF form on PT Plus, our subscription portion of PT’s web site. Check it out here.

Shelly has sent me the PDFs and I have just gone over them and made some minor design and editorial changes. It will go to our printer in Kentucky tomorrow. Suda will also put it on our web site tomorrow.

In this issue you get comments from Monroe Carrel on Central’s proposed sale, a fantastic interview (if I do say so myself) with Toronto’s Maurice Anderson, a great, and funny article stolen from the British Parking Association’s Parking News on the differences between parking in the US and the UK, plus lots of airport stuff (it is the airport issue, after all).

The airport articles include info on technology, garage design, and shade (this is for you, sunbelt). Plus there’s great stuff on AVI and where its going and alternate ways to collect money.

This is a super issue — look for it in your mail box, or why wait, go to PT PLUS and read it beginning Friday.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. Definately sounds this article provides very useful information about sheds & garages too. Just wonder how much importance we are giving to Sheds & Garages in our life.

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