Rain Check for Parking?


Rain Check for Parking?

Now this makes a lot of sense — Lets see — I provide my private parking facility for parking for Boston Red Sox fans — The folks arrive — the game is rained out after the first inning. The Sox provide a rain check. Now the city of Boston wants to require me to provide one too…Read about it here.

Let’s see — On the way to the game I stopped off for dinner, and of course I used up $10 worth of gas. I bought a beer at the ball park, and a hot dog. My new leather jacket was ruined by the rain, as were my new loafers.

So by the reasoning of the Beantown city dads, I should be recompensed for my dinner, my gas, the beer, and the hot dog. My shoes and jacket should at a minimum be cleaned if not replaced. While we are at it, why not pay me $25 and hour for my time. What if I took a bus or train — should I get my ticket money back.

I understand the raincheck — remember the game will probably be made up at a future time, or the Sox just want to be nice to their loyal fans.  However it has to stop somewhere.  All the support services that are provided to get people to the game still happened. They still cost someone money to provide.

If a garage owner near a ball park wants to provide a little good PR and give a raincheck or discount on a person’s next visit, great — that their business. The city, however, should bug out.


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