Readers are getting tough on the blogger


Readers are getting tough on the blogger

OK — Give me a break — you are now complaining that I miss a day blogging now and then. Yesterday was an important day. They told me that new grass had been planted on the Fourth green at Menifee Lakes Country Club and of course I had to check it out…It is summer, after all.

I will ask again — anyone out there want to share the blogging duties. I have had a couple of volunteers but they never put in an entry. Guess its not as easy as you think.

Just drop me an email and we can talk about what we can do with the blog.


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  1. Parking in a downtown is a public benefit that is usually subsidized by the city. In every other office/commericial development, parking is a user/tenant benefit regulated by zoning and paid for by the private sector. Parking has been a public benefit in cities for over 85 years. There weren’t that many parking operators in those days and ones that were in business were really landlords. Small companies that owned downtown lots that were being landbanked for a development deal. In the meantime, cars were parked on the lot. The public benefit evolved quickly as America’s love affair with the automobile grew. Yes, it is mostly about money. But, not about huge cash surpluses. This is only true for airport parking revenues. Most cities that don’t want to benefit from professional parking operators, are afraid that the operator will raise parking rates beyond what the market will bear and drive business out of town. This attitude and subsidized parking rates have made private development of parking in downtowns economically unfeasible.
    Obviously, there is much more that can be said about the pros and cons of outsourcing parking operations. I will save that for later.

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