Reality Kicks in


Reality Kicks in

Just as the current administration in Washington has found that the previous administration’s positions on the war on terror are “just right”now that they are in office and find themselves faced with reality, the mayor of Ft. Lauderdale has found that campaign promises he made to reduce the hours of metered parking also have an ‘expiration date’ when reality kicks in.

Hizzonner finds that a survey of businesses want the meters in place and in fact say that without them they would be hurt, particularly on weekends, the very time the mayor wanted to reduce meter hours. Read about it here.

To quote one businessperson:

“They are the best thing to happen here,” Lornie Mueller said. “The Saturday market is a bust for us because people park in the street spaces and don’t shop, taking parking away from our customers. But the meters force them to move their cars. If it weren’t for the meters, that market would be the kiss of death for us.”

The above is probably the best description of the need for meters I have ever read. These folks know where their customers park, and know that they have no business when they can’t


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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