Requests for Info Come from all over…


Requests for Info Come from all over…

Just to show you that we are a worldwide pub, I got the following from a reader who found us on the ‘net.

I have lived at my address for the last two years and have parked on the street outside my house with other people in the same flats. It is now being taken away with no parking at all for half a mile away. Are we supposed to walk for half a mile with heavy shopping bags I have arthritis in my shoulders and other residents are also disabled we are private tenants. The adjoining road is the A259 with no parking at all. We have sent letters to the city council and they propose to go ahead with this scheme Surely there is something we can do

Mary Elhefnawy

Wow – This is a problem – My only solution is to get all the people affected by the change together and attend a city council meeting.  I would suggest you meet with a councilperson first, and explain you case and have him/her take your complaints to the council – with all you there to back him up.

Why are they taking away the spaces?  Is there an alternative to their plan?  When you go before the councilman, it would be a good idea to have an alternative plan in mind, rather than just complain.

Do they charge for parking in the area?  Perhaps a good alternative would be an on street permit program where residents pay a small fee each month to park and non residents pay a lot more.  The city could sell permits to you and you would display them. The city would get some money, and you would get your parking.


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  1. 09/14/2005
    3614 Wheaton Place S.
    Charlotte, NC 28211
    My name is Rickie L. Pares Jr. and I evacuated to Charlotte, NC from New Orleans, LA. I came up here hoping to find a job and move on with my life. I was heading back to my car at 7 am and saw my truck being towed off. I chased it down and talked to the driver. He was not listening to anything I was saying almost rude. I explained to him that this was my first time downtown Charlotte, he did not care. He charged me 120 dollars(barley enough money for gas and food) to get my car off the tow truck, and plus the parking guy just ran off when all this was happening. It felt like a scam and it was very shady. I was very upset how the whole situation went down. I understand maybe the ticket but at 7:02 to have my car already on a tow truck thats crazy. I would like something done because who knows how many times this has really happen.
    Concerned Citizen,
    Rickie L. Pares Jr.

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