I"m sorry, but with these guys it’s guilty until proven innocent.:

  Houston Rockets guard Rafer Alston Monday denied that he assaulted a
parking attendant early Sunday morning. The Houston Chronicle, quoting police,
reported that Alston, 31, was charged with public intoxication and assault
after shaking and spitting in the face of a parking attendant in downtown Houston.

"Apparently the parking attendant saw that Rafer had
parked illegally, did not pay the attendant, and had the vehicle towed,"
Houston Police spokesman Gabe Ortiz told the newspaper.Alston assaulted the man when he returned and realized his
vehicle had been towed, Ortiz said.

"Didn’t do either. Never did nothing to the guy,"
he said. "We got into a shouting match. My car was towed and I was
basically asking the parking attendant where he had my car towed to,"
Alston told the television station. "He blew me off once or twice and we
got into a shouting match. There were no hits, nothing transpired. The guy runs
off and yells down the street, like, he needed an officer over here.

"Before you know it, the officer puts me in cuffs and
takes me downtown."

Both charges are misdemeanors.

The NBA players are on balance a bunch of thugs. They are overpaid children and have their way with society with impunity. This is but one in a long string of like incidents, many more vicious. He’s going to have to do a lot of dancing to convince me that it didn’t happen. Proper English would be nice, too. He was apparently drunk, parking in the wrong place, and since it infers it was a pay on entry lot, didn’t pay. The attendant was right in having his car towed, and probably saved his life or some innocent by keeping him from driving while under the influence.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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