Road Trip and Rock’s Top 100


Road Trip and Rock’s Top 100

I spent the last few days on a road trip. Drove from LA to the SF Bay Area. I’ll tell you, based on the traffic on I5 there is no gas crunch. It was loaded with cars and trucks — but that’s for another time. R and I went up so she could cash in her Christmas Present, a day on a race course driving an Audi R8, the German Company’s new 187 MPH sports car that is said to be able to beat the Porsche 911. Its been two days and the smile is still on her face. She said they never got under 70 and were hitting 100. This was a full fledged racing class where instructors showed you how to drive like they do at Indy.  You can find out about it at the Audi Web Site.

We started the trip in the traditional manner, with ZZ Top’s Smart Dressed Man turned up on the stereo. Why ZZ Top? — it all goes back to a John Sanford novel Broken Prey. The protagonist, Lucas Davenport solves murders in the Twin Cities and throughout this novel, there was a sub plot where he and his friends were selecting the top 100 Rock Songs (no Beatles or Elvis) to put on his new iPod. Somewhere in there, he took a road trip and fired up ZZ Top — Because that’s how you start a road trip. You can get Sanford’s opinion of the top 100 here.

I have found 95.  Oh, if you want to know how Dimitri Shostakovich got on the list, you have to read the book.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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