Rogue Valets II


Rogue Valets II

Speaking of rogue valet companies, I was in a parking company office the other day and the owner was talking about this very subject. Parking (valet) companies that operate outside the law, don’t properly employ their attendants, pay no tax, and undercut legitimate companies and get a lot of business, particularly from the smaller, single restaurants.

Once again, I’m sure that fairness isn’t on anyone’s plate these days, but if the city would be consistent, apply the laws equally, and check for licenses, workers comp insurance, and hold them to some standard, then the companies that play by the rules would have a level playing field.

I’m told that many companies are getting out of the valet business because they just can’t compete. You can say all you want, but the rent paid by these shysters can’t be met by those that train, insure, and make a payroll.

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John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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