Rogue Valets


Rogue Valets

Exposed. Yes, that’s the title of the piece done locally here in LA. They “expose” by going “undercover” and find that valets are parking cars on street. OMG They actually take you car when you go to a restaurant and go around the corner and park it in a perfectly legitimate parking space half a block away. When you come out they, shudder, go get your car and bring it back. They also once (shown once in a six month research piece) have an accident. There is even a lady complaining about them parking in her neighborhood.

OK, I’m being snarky. Of course they caught these idiots using fake no parking signs so they could cover up parking meters, and using paper clips to make the meter “fail” (I didn’t know you could do that), and stealing legitimate no parking signs and moving them to where they needed. They were caught lying on tape. It’s a hoot.

These low end valet ‘companies’ give parking a bad name. they need to clean up their act, the city needs to enforce the laws, and ticket cars, make the companies toe the line.

The city could, if it wanted, actually license on street valet companies, make them comply with some rules, and charge them to use on street spaces and make money in the process. Of course that might be more than the local council can handle, they would rather whine and complain (listen to the LA city Councilman duck and weave.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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