More Sales — Learn from the Irish


More Sales — Learn from the Irish

Michael Houlihan is speaking at PIE in March. Whether you are selling equipment, services, a parking space, or your organization’s parking program, you will learn a lot from Michael. Here’s what he’s got to say about it:

Want to know the magic bullet that can double your sales in the new year? It’s so powerful, that if aimed right, your prospect will want your service or product even before they have justified the expense. In fact, they will be on your side, pulling for you to make the sale!

Imagine how effective your presentation will be when your prospect already likes you … and your company… and your product! How will it make you feel to know in advance that they want to buy?

How will it make you feel to be viewed as the “good” guy, the “fun” guy, and the “indispensable” guy or gal? I’m going to show you the world’s greatest sales pitch!

You will learn how to get your prospects’ attention with entertainment that makes you attractive, and more importantly, how to build the kind of relationships that turn your prospects in to loyal customers and enthusiastic advocates.

You will learn how people buy with their hearts and justify with their brains. Every product has features and benefits. But going beyond features and benefits is the real magic.

You will learn how convert your products or services into positive feelings. You will learn how to communicate those emotions, and blow up your sales by converting your customers into raving fans!

Hey, if we can do it, you can do it!

Michael Houlihan helps businesses improve their profitability. He is the founder of Barefoot Wines and the New York Times Bestselling Author of The Barefoot Spirit, How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart Built America’s #1 Wine Brand and The Entrepreneurial Culture – 23 Ways to Engage and Empower Your People. His Clients include Fortune 500’s and Inc 500’s. He is a sought-after speaker, trainer, and media guest. His articles and interviews appear in such business publications as Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Parking Today  and the Huffington Post.

I can’t think of a better reason to attend PIE 2017 than Michael Houlihan. See you there

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