San Francisco Gets it Right!!!


San Francisco Gets it Right!!!

The City of San Francisco has set up a great web page to promote its new SFPark program and as a part of it, has produced a simply fantastic video . See it below. This is simply one of the best descriptions of the major part of Don Shoup's theories. Its clear, concise, and I commend it to everyone in our business who wants to understand how all this works.

Kudos to Cooper Marcus and his "Words, Pictures, Ideas" agency and the city of San Francisco for hiring them. I'm sure the fact that Cooper has worked for years in the parking industry and in the onstreet monitoring area in particular helped when it came time to describe the "Goldilocks" not too high, not too low, but just right pricing of on street parking spaces and how it will benefit the driver. This is super.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. I feel that the SFMTA project, while academically sound, will likely fail under political pressure. Additionally, I do not believe they have committed the resources to monitoring that will be necessary when making month-to-month adjustments. Whatever. I’ll be monitoring from afar and looking forward to their paper at TRB next winter.

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