San Francisco Stop “free” parking for city Employees


San Francisco Stop “free” parking for city Employees

Wow – Baghdad by the Bay’s new parking group has made it official. City employees must pay for parking. This will do two things, first it will generate money for the city but more importantly it will set an example for the rest of the citizens of the city by the Bay. I salute them for their gumption and wonder how they got this by the union.

Mark notes the following:

If they would quit calling it “free” parking and instead start calling it what it really is, which is “subsidized” parking then maybe people would start to get it.

“…….can no longer afford to provide free parking………”

 By continuing to refer to it as free parking the implication is that there is no cost associated with it.  That makes it hard for most people the grasp the concept that you can no longer afford something that has no cost.



John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. It is just sad that there are less and less spaces for “free” parking. I wonder if there’s a country with many “free” parking? It must be a developed and super-power country.

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