Satellite Imagery and Parking


Satellite Imagery and Parking

There was a wonderful innovation at the Intertraffic Show – It was truly new and mind blowing. The concept was a revenue control system that used no equipment, no phones, no in street devices, nothing at the entrances or exits of garages.

It was based solely on monitoring the “heat and image signature” of a vehicle. The claim, and I believe it, was that every vehicle’s signature is different and therefore the system, using KH 11 satellites on loan from the CIA, can track vehicles, log their signatures, and record all data necessary to charge the owner for parking.

Most impressive was the ability to coordinate the data from the satellite using NSA’s crypto data programs to cross-reference them instantly with DMV records and determine ownership. Once that is accomplished, a quick records search is done and a credit card in the name of the owner selected. The charges are appended to the next bill sent out by the bank including time in, time out, charges and whether or not there was a citation involved.

If the person overstayed the rules in an on street application, the amount of the citation was added directly to the invoice.

If desired, the NSA portion of the database could check the owner’s cell phone records, find his or her number and call them when the car was in danger of overstaying so they could move their vehicle.

The state of the art imaging system could actually “see” through parking structures to locate the exact parking space used by the driver. If they were unable to locate their car, a quick search on their blackberry browser would provide exact coordinates and directions to their lost vehicle.

If a driver wanted, they could put their personal “profile” on file with the system and should someone other than the driver approach the car and attempt to drive it away, the system would disable the vehicle and call local law enforcement.

Of course, if you believe one word of the above you are an April Fool


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  1. Although you mention “April fool”, I must ask who would be the fool if Dan Brown’s next book was titled “The Lost Parking Space”?

  2. A simple chip in a vehicle’s registration label and sensors at desired points would meet just about every ‘unreal’ expectation of this April fool.

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