Scammers in NYC


Scammers in NYC

Mark posted this without comment. Here’s the pitch:

Fellows who run a parking lot that charges $27 after 3hours and 1 minute “reserve” on street spaces and then rent those spaces for $20 for the day. They put money in the meters and pocket the difference. What I thought was interesting was that the TV Investigative reporter didn’t get that the scam artists were stealing from the owner of the lot. Every car that pulled in and was put on the street was $27 out of the pocket of the lot owner.

Here’s what needs to be done – First, the city needs to run down the citation officers on the video and fire them immediately. Second, the owner of the lot needs to hire a legitimate parking operator to run his lot. He would make much more if he did, and paid his taxes.

Third the city needs to raise the onstreet rates to near the off street rates. One fellow cruised for 45 minutes looking for an on street space. If he knew that he would have to pay say $4 or $5 an hour, he would have made the decision to park off street and moved immediately to the lot. More space would be available on street and this scam would not be profitable for the scammers.



John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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