Segway goes public?


Segway goes public?

Not yet, but they are planning to, it seems.  The manufacturer of the two wheel transporter is beginning to sell a few of its mechanical marvels, mostly to law enforcement groups who want to step up their patrol capabilities, much of it in parking garages.  Read about it here.

The MTA in Los Angeles has 19 and has lowered the incident of stolen cars out of Union Station to virtually "0."   Over 100 law enforcement agencies world wide are using the gizmos, and Europeans (naturally) are beginning to see them as possible car replacements…

Personally I think they are a great tool, but don’t see them replacing feet. A guy brought one to a "high tech" conference I attended last year and frankly I thought he looked idiotic.  He was riding up and down the halls where everyone else was quite happy walking, thank you very much. Now if he was delivering mail or a courier in a large campus area, it made some sense. Also, he looked smug.  Maybe it was the "smug" and not the Segway that was idiotic.


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