Selling Cars on Parking Lots


Selling Cars on Parking Lots

A St Johns Newfoundland shopping center is concerned that people are parking their cars on their lot and putting for sale signs on them and leaving them there.  They are going to start towing.

I think this is a mistake. If it were me, I would allow folks to park their cars there. In fact, I would stake out a number of spaces that were visible from the street and reserve them for sellers.  I would have people come in and pay a bit(not a lot) for a permit and therefore be able to limit the number of cars do it doesn’t dig into my needed inventory.

With the exception of my Costco (which is, I think, the number one grossing store in the country, if not the universe, I have seldom if even driven by a parking lot in front of big box stores and found them completely full. This program is a way to use some of that empty space, bring some more people into the center, create something that potential customers might want to look at, and by charging, keep control on the situation.

Where is the downside?


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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