Sense from a Tragedy


Sense from a Tragedy

One cannot make sense from a tragedy like the Virginia Tech Shootings. However perhaps we can do some little thing.  Here’s one idea, from Jim Kennedy


As everyone is aware, a great tragedy occurred last
Monday at Virginia Tech.  In reading the many stories about those who lost their
lives, I was moved by the story of
Jarrett Lane age 22 from Narrows, Virginia  a senior in Civil Engineering. He had just the week before been accepted into the graduate engineering problem at the University of Florida. The detail about
this young man that particularly caught my eye was the fact that he worked part
time for Parking Services at Virginia Tech. My reason for this e-mail is to
survey you, the parking industry leaders, to determine the viability of creating
a memorial scholarship at Virginia Tech in Jarrett Lane’s memory.

I would propose
soliciting donations to the fund from the entire parking
industry—corporations, associations, and individuals.  I am aware that several
professional parking associations already have scholarship programs, but my
proposal is that the entire industry stand together to fund this memorial
scholarship.  Hopefully enough money could be raised to fund an annual
scholarship award.  It might also be possible for Virginia Tech to receive the
monies and administer the program. 

  I would be most interested
in hearing your thoughts, comments and questions.

Jim Kennedy


My guess is that one phone call to VT would set the entire thing up — They may not be willing, however to single out one student out of 32.  The second approach would be a call to a bank in the VT area.  They would set up the "receiver" for the money.  A board would have to be selected to disburse the funds or select a scholarship winner.

Yes, some work, but not too complicated.

Contact Jim and let him know what you think


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John Van Horn

One Response

  1. There is already a fund for Jarret
    Jarrett Lee Lane Memorial Scholarship
    Final criteria for these funds will be dependent upon approval by each family. To contribute to any of these funds, you may visit the online giving page and select the desired name from the pull down menu. If you would like to mail a check, make it out to “Virginia Tech Foundation Inc.,” designate your gift for the appropriate fund on the memo line, and send it to:
    Gift Accounting
    University Development (0336)
    Virginia Tech
    Blacksburg, VA 24061
    Please refer to fro more information. Please let me know if I can be of any addittional help

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