Shoup Van Horn and the Parking Fairy


Shoup Van Horn and the Parking Fairy

From Peter Guest:

JVH and I have exchanged views in the past about various topics and issues in the parking world and apparently I occasionally say unkind things about the poor man in his own magazine; however I think that we are pretty much in the same ball park when it comes to “free” parking.

It’s not free, it didn’t fall out of the sky and it’s not looked after by parking fairies. Someone has to pay for it and the best option is that that is the user, although they may not always pay directly for use at the point of sale. John you are needed in South Tyneside in the north of England where someone has just come up with a spiffing idea and I quote: “If a person who lives in South Tyneside pays their council tax in a timely manner, they should not be charged for using any council-owned car parking space. All people living outside South Tyneside should be requested to pay the full amount as decided by council representatives.” That should bring the visitors rushing in.

And just how do you tell someone is a resident? I know let’s give them a permit; but that will cost £20 a head to administer, I think that you can see where this is going.

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John Van Horn

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